Together with Tyverun to take part in the "Cloud Travel Qilu, Walk into Haier" event

Release date:2019/07/08 Browsing volume:1095 Source: Shandong province and Tai Wei run Food Technology Co., Ltd.


Recently, it was learned from the calcium propionate manufacturer that the leaders of Zaozhuang City Industry and Information Bureau and the leaders of key industrial enterprises in the city participated in the study activities of "Yunhang Qilu, Walk into Haier" led by Shandong Province Industry and Information Technology Department. The event was co-sponsored by Haier University and Haier Digital Science and Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhou Xiaofeng and Technical Director Zhang Jinhe participated in the event on behalf of Taiweirun Company.


In this event, Haier University customized a set of study process, visited Haier Cultural Exhibition, Life Exhibition, Haier Interconnection Factory, Haier COSMOPlat: Mass Customization Based on User Demand, Haier's Exploration and Practice in Intelligent Manufacturing, Haier's Essentials of Single-in-One, Haier's Cloud-to-Cloud The sharing of courses such as "Financial Sharing Management Model" helps students understand Haier's corporate culture, Haier's COSMOPlat Industrial Internet Platform and Haier's "Person-in-One" model systematically.

First, Haier University led the team to visit Haier Life Exhibition, Culture Exhibition and Haier Interconnection Factory. Help students feel Haier's transformation path and enterprise culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, and feel seamless, transparent and visual interaction between Haier's intelligent interconnected factory and users. After the visit, the team of trainees exchanged a series of questions with Haier University.

At present, the newly-built Intelligent Construction Project of Food Additives Interconnection Factory with TWERRON is cooperating with COSMOPPlat Industrial Internet Platform built by Haier Digital Technology Company, aiming at promoting the technological upgrading of such products as calcium propionate in production process data acquisition, business online collaboration and application resource sharing. Now the application scenarios of intelligent design, remote operation and maintenance, product quality traceability, energy management and control optimization of food additives production, truly and comprehensively realize the intelligent production of food additives in Internet factories. (Shandong calcium propionate)