Upgrading and renovation of supporting facilities in Taiweirun workshop is under way

Release date:2019/07/08 Browsing volume:643 Source: Shandong province and Tai Wei run Food Technology Co., Ltd.


             Sodium benzoate manufacturers have learned that in order to improve the production environment of sodium benzoate workshop and ensure the quality of production, the company has decided to upgrade the No. 5 sodium benzoate workshop in a large scale - all pipelines, transportation and dust removal are readjusted and updated, and the ground, top and wall are redecorated.

               On the basis of water film dust removal, a new set of photo-oxygen catalytic negative ion air purification machine is installed. The device can use high energy and high ozone ultraviolet ray beam to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen. It has an immediate effect on dust removal, sterilization, degradation of organic waste gas and release of negative ions. At present, the equipment has been installed.


            The upgrading and transformation project has completed half the progress. The new sodium benzoate production workshop has rationally divided various functional areas, scientifically and reasonably separated and set up neutralization, packaging, drying, crushing and other post work areas. This upgrading and transformation not only overcomes the original environmental defects, but also helps to create a clean production and working environment. It is also necessary for machinery, equipment and workers. To protect, it will greatly improve product quality and work efficiency, so as to make enterprise production go farther and farther on the road of sustainable development. (Shandong Sodium Benzoate)